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Wet-Step-Medical Mat

Wet-Step-Medical Mat Unique design provides excellent slip resistance and antifatigue properties. Perfect for use in wet areas as drainage holes allow water to freely drain away. Anti-bacterial treated for lifetime...

Bubble Sof-Tred™ -Medium Duty Industrial Mat

Bubble Sof-Tred™ Dyna-Shield™ Medium Duty Industrial Application: Medium duty - dry areas Product Detail:  Exceptional worker comfort due to 12.7 mm thick specially formulated compound. Protective layer of exclusive Dyna-ShieldTM extends service...

Self Adhesive Carpet Protection Film

Application: self-adhesive protection film for temporary protection of carpets and rugs Product Detail: sticking to the carpet without the need for tape, this film prevents the trip hazards normally associated with dust...

Footfall now provides the best logo mats for your business.

We supply a selection of high quality logo, photo, welcome, and branded mats to businesses all over Ireland.

Our washable logo mats are made from dyed high-twist nylon tufted pile with 100% nitrile rubber backing. A patented, highly advanced method of dyeing the tufted pile ensures a deep, intense colour penetration, for greater colour retention and a longer life.

Special 3mm safety backing makes these mats much more stable than rented logo mats. They will be significantly safer in your workplace.

It makes solid sense to protect yourself or your business by ensuring your logo mat has heavy duty backing. Most logo mats are light and are all but stable. When you combine high definition logo mats with heavy 3mm backing they become more stable by default. So improve stability and tick boxes in relation to environmental health and safety management (EHS) by reducing trip and fall potential.

Our designers will create an A4 visual artwork for you to review before manufacturing your logo mat. Your proof is included in the cost of your logo mat, and once it has been approved we can begin manufacturing on your mat.

Should you wish to purchase these mats the return on investment will be 14 months. You will have a valuable cost saving after year one.


Written by Admin - Footfall — February 29, 2016