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Wet-Step-Medical Mat

Wet-Step-Medical Mat Unique design provides excellent slip resistance and antifatigue properties. Perfect for use in wet areas as drainage holes allow water to freely drain away. Anti-bacterial treated for lifetime...

Bubble Sof-Tred™ -Medium Duty Industrial Mat

Bubble Sof-Tred™ Dyna-Shield™ Medium Duty Industrial Application: Medium duty - dry areas Product Detail:  Exceptional worker comfort due to 12.7 mm thick specially formulated compound. Protective layer of exclusive Dyna-ShieldTM extends service...

Self Adhesive Carpet Protection Film

Application: self-adhesive protection film for temporary protection of carpets and rugs Product Detail: sticking to the carpet without the need for tape, this film prevents the trip hazards normally associated with dust...

Something we have long learned here at Footfall is that everyone needs matting. No matter how big or small your business, if you are in charge of any type of building used by staff or the general public than you need to think about matting.

Dirt and moisture tracked in to your building not only looks unsightly but can create a dangerous slip hazard, increase maintenance required and destroy floor surfaces over time.

Ideally fixed entrance matting is the ultimate solution, but where fixed matting isn't possible (due to space restrictions, door clearance, budget etc.) Dust Mats are a great flexible and affordable alternative. Dust mats will absorb moisture, scrape and trap dirt particles, and help keep your floors cleaner and safer for visitors. They are also easy to handle, maintain and a good quality dust mat will last for years and stand up to heavy traffic. 

Benefits of High Performance Dust Mats:

  • 100% nitrile rubber backing
  • Easy to handle and maintain
  • Slip resistant
  • Absorb moisture and trap dirt
  • Durable – last for years with no rental costs!
  • Flexible solution – mats can be rolled up and stored when not in use
  • Keep floors cleaner and safer (less need for hazard /caution signs and maintenance)
  • Help protect your floors and extend their useful life
  • Come with the option of heavy-duty 3mm backing 




Written by Admin - Footfall — July 18, 2016